LYD 7 -

The German online magazine gave LYD 7 a thorough test and concluded that they simply sound amazing and especially considering how great they perform, the price is very moderate.

Amazona's review is in German so we have translated a bit more than usual, but if you prefer - and are comfortable reading in German - you can follow the link below for the full review.


LYD Look
The first thing that hits you when you open a box of new speakers is of course how they look. And Amazoma's reviewer liked what he saw: "My aesthetic sense was immediately 100% satisfied - that’s how nice the Dynaudio LYD 7 are to look at. Very clean and kept in chic black and white, they present themselves as smoothly and well-shaped as hi-fi speakers. However, a look at the back revealed that these are made for music production due to the XLR connectors and adjustable filters. And what really made my day was the label saying ‘Made in Denmark’."




LYD Sound
Yes, LYD are developed, designed and made in Denmark and we like to think that it affects how they sound. So, we'll let Amazona elaborate a bit on what they thought on the actual sound of LYD:

"Right from the start, what struck me the most was the phenomenally detailed resolution. These speakers provide a detailed image that is rarely heard. Everything seemed positioned with the highest degree of precision, each instrument sitting in its own unique space rather than floating around in an undefined manner. The important mid-range is very precise, but totally unobtrusive and very nice to listen to. In the bass range, the Dynaudio LYD 7 also turned out to be dry, precise and powerful. (…) All in all, the Dynaudio LYD 7 is remarkably dry and extremely precise when you are in the acoustic sweetspot. Listening fatigue is also not an issue and it is easy to assess your overall mix. They are also a pleasure to just listen to – at least if you like their sonic character. I know I do."


LYD Price
Amazona also had a brief comment on the price of LYD 7: "These boxes are manufactured in Denmark and still they are priced very moderately. Kudos to our northern neighbors."


LYD Verdict
We were pleased to see that overall, Amazona liked many aspects of LYD - and at the end of the day didn't find anything not to like :-) 


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  • Excellent sound
  • Very precise sound reproduction
  • Extremely stable stereo image
  • High volume possible
  • Very compact
  • Very good craftmanship
  • Inexpensive


  • None