Core 59 is an essential audition

Sound On Sound reviewed Core 59 and came up with a full list of pros, and the only 'cons' item they could think of was if you fundamentally prefer something else than three-way monitors. Here is a brief excerpt from their review, and if you would like to fead it in full, their e-subscription allows you to get it instantaneously.

"Dynaudio's Core 59 is the latest entrant into a monitor universe in which CAD design, simulation software and rigorous testing, coupled with in-house manufacturing abilities, are delivering monitors with impeccable sonic performances at attractive prices. 

I can't fault the control, detail and accuracy of the Core 59's performance across its 42Hz to 21 kHz (±3dB) bandwidth, which creates a solidly centred soundstage with a real sense of width and depth within which voices, instruments and other sources are precisely delineated and located.

The Core 59's reproduction of the miniscule details inside reverb tails and compression artifacts is as impressive as the solidity of its bass at low volume levels. In addition, given that it can produce 112dB SPL (at 1m) when pushed, the Core 59 could potentially have applications in theatre soundscaping and in high-end acoustic and classical sound reinforcement.

If you're thinking about purchasing new monitors, have the budget and possess a particular penchant for the sweet, smooth accuracy of soft-dome tweeters, then the Core 59 is an essential audition."

(Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound)