Dynaudio Music 1 - Lyd og Billede

After reviewing (and loving) the Dynaudio Music 7, Lyd og Billede (Sound and Image) turned their attention to the smallest of the family - the Dynaudio Music 1. It was another hit. Below we have translated our favourite quotes, and if you're good at Danish, included a link to the full review.

In a compact, battery-driven speaker weighing in at only 1.6kg, bass must be lacking - at least that's what you'd usually think. However, this small 4in woofer works hard to prove otherwise, together with the DSP's RoomAdapt. There's no lack of bass at regular listening volume.

But it's still a mono. To really get a sense of the Music 1's capabilities, we added another one to create a stereo pair. Stereo image, room and resolution sounds so well that you for a minute that to yourself: "what if..."

All in all, the Music 1 is almost more impressive than a Music 7. Not because it's better. But because this little speaker goes above and beyond expectations much more than the bigger, heavier old brother.