"RoomAdapt and NoiseAdapt: a stroke of genius."

The Scandinavian hi-fi magazine Lyd og Billede (Sound and Image) has tested the Dynaudio Music 7 speaker. After carefully demoing they decided to award the Music 7 with six start and a 'Highly Recommended' recommendation. Below we have translated our favourite quotes, and if you're good at Danish, included a link to the full review.

- "It's not 'real' room correction, but despite this, the features that automatically adapt to positioning and background noise (RoomAdapt and NoiseAdapt) are small strokes of genius."
- "It might look like a overgrown soundbar, but it produces real hi-fi quality."
- "All in all, listening to the Dynaudio Music 7 feel more likes a 'real' loudspeaker than a multiroom speaker - or a soundbar for that matter."
- "The Music 7 is among the most expensive multiroom speakers, but it's qualities justify the asking price."