Music 7 - Fairaudio points out: “Danes don’t lie” when reviewing Dynaudio’s Music 7, taking apart all the promises we made about our one-system home speaker. The German review is a perfect all-rounder discussing design, engineering, sound quality, usability and comparison to other speakers with a conclusion that overshadows any doubts: Just like us, they’re in love! We translated some of our favourite quotes below.

"Dynaudio Music 7 is a smart streaming speaker with a believable, balanced sound image, standing out with its musical finesse. Precisely detailed, a transparent and natural midrange, and a sophisticated bass all lead to a swift and coherent sound signature.”

"The high-frequencies had an airyness and finesse I have never ever heard from any other one-box-system.“

 "Sound stage and depth from the Music 7 seem to be more spacious than with any other streaming speaker I heard so far. It’s really remarkable how well the Music 7 performs, for example when placed on a sideboard on ear-level.”

"Apart from the convincing sound performance, other highlights are the beautiful appearance, the intuitive use, and the added intelligence from the Dynaudio Music App which tailors the music to the user’s preferences.”

But of course you can read for yourself.