Music series - M3

“We’re not surprised that Dynaudio is releasing a couple of models adapted for a multi-room solution that can certainly compete with Sonos, Denon and other established brands in this segment."

The Swedish IDG just tested our Music range, granting us a phenomenal 8/10 stars rating.

Besides admiring the appealing design and world-class sound performance, the review praises the “not only surprisingly good-looking but also user-friendly“ app for setting up the wireless multi-room functions, with special hindsight to NoiseAdapt and RoomAdapt features.

We translated a few of our favorite quotes below:

- “Multi-room in all glory, but without a sensible app it becomes more complicated. Dynaudio’s solution is not only surprisingly good-looking but also user-friendly.“

- "If you use any other streaming service besides Tidal, you’re missing out on the app’s setup solution, but of course you can stream your music via Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, or cable through the auxiliary input.“

- “The app itself, as well as the technology behind the intelligent wireless music system and its built-in audio enhancement, is pure happiness.“

- “The sound quality is extraordinarily good even at really high volume, with a dynamic and detailed sound image.“

Feel free to check out the entire review here - given that you're fluent in Swedish!