Sub 3 - Australian Hi-Fi

Australian Hi-Fi put the small Dynaudio Sub 3 to the test; finding out that a small subwoofer can deliver ultra-fast, clean as a whistle sound reproduction. You can find our favourite quotes from the review below.

- "The Dynaudio Sub 3 acquitted itself marvellously well in this role, not least because the bass it delivered was ultra-fast, without even the suggestion of unwanted overhang".
- "This proved to me that the Dynaudio Sub 3 is a very musical-sounding subwoofer, with very low distortion, and that the bass it delivers is as clean as a whistle, without any sonic ‘character’ of its own, so it will meld with all loudspeakers you match with it, irrespective of their brand".
- "At low listening levels the Sub 3 was totally impressive."