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Pro Tools Expert took the entire LYD studio monitor in for a detailed review. As James Ivey points out, each model shines in its own way and is ideal for significant purposes.

In brief, the conclusion from pro Tools Expert is that there is a pretty good chance that one of the LYD models will appeal to and be ideal for your studio. Each of the three speaker sets was tested listening closely to six pieces of music that reviewer, James Ivey, is extremely familiar with - and each piece of music is suited for testing specific aspects such as stereo image, dynamic changes, etc., and James even took time to actually listen to each speaker set at low, as well as high volume.

Here are some of the highlights. For the full review on, please follow the link below.

"The LYD 5 is the smallest of the range in size but to my ears these make a really good full range sound. The bass end is tight and focused as you would expect from a smaller LF driver but when you crank it up there is no sign of that nasty flabby bass sound that you can get when a driver is over exerted. If you are in a smaller space then the LYD 5 speakers would be perfect for you."

"The LYD 7 is a fantastic replacement for the BM6A MKII. It sits in that space where you want near field size but main monitor sound."

"The 8 inch driver and the uprated power amp for the LF driver just make this box speak a bit more to the lower end. (...) The LYD 8 would be great if you are an EDM, or Dance producer or even a DJ."

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