Core 47- Sound On Sound

Sound on Sound's Bob Thomas tunes into Core 47 and likes what he hears once they are fired up.

"Having run in the two Core 47 monitors for the recommended 12 hours, and checked that there were no untoward room resonances being generated, I settled down for some serious listening. As with the Core 59, the Core 47's bass extension was impressive, with a control and definition in the low end that I felt was very close to its larger sibling.

I'd have been surprised if I hadn't felt that way, as the Core 47 carries the same amplification and has the same frequency response other than that the Core 59 reaches 2Hz further down the bottom end. However — particularly with my favourite EDM tracks — I do remember a slightly greater sense of latent power sitting behind the Core 59's low bass, probably down to the greater volume of air being driven by its 9-inch driver. 

The Core 47 's mid-range and treble reproduction were exactly as you'd expect from a Dynaudio monitor at this level: a precise, detailed and revelatory clarity, coupled with a superb grasp of transient detail. In addition, the integration between the three drive units was absolutely superb, delivering a rock-solid sound stage that was every bit equal to that of the Core 59. 

The Core 47 also excelled with my CDs of The Antiphonal Music of Giovanni Gabrieli, whose clarity dynamics, density, harmonic complexity and transient detail across virtually the entire audio spectrum were delivered in a fashion that I felt was just as good as that delivered by the Core 59. If anything, in the nearfield, the integration between the Core 47's three drivers feels somewhat tighter to me than that of the Core 59, but I'm splitting hairs when I say that."

(Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound)