"The first subwoofer in STEREOPLAY’s review history that..."

...reminds the world that Dynaudio can create some seriously deep punch, too!

In their November issue, Germany's magazine STEREOPLAY reviews the Sub 6 after being updated with the latest speaker presets.

And the results prove that this subwoofer is one of a kind:

"The Sub 6 is probably the first subwoofer in STEREOPLAY’s review history where there was no adjustment of phase nor crossover necessary in order to bring it in tune with the main speakers. Bon Jovi’s Keep The Faith was enriched with a subtle yet solid and abyss-deep groove, as if it became part of the main speakers."

"Dynaudio's Sub 6 shows a clean front which not only covers the side-firing drive-units, but also hides the miraculous tricks of the DSP which came out in the listening test. There is a delay which can be set in reference to the main speakers, but it also sounds time-correct and precise like hardly any other woofer."

"No bass tune was too fast for the Sub 6, no detail too hidden; this is one of the most precise subwoofers available. Apart from pitch-black depth it offers excellent musicality in its impulse response, with no fat."

"Classical tunes with sumptuous bass, such as Sacre Du Printemps (RCO) were enhanced with power, depth and structure, without thickening it up or slowing anything down."

"It became clear that this is an outstanding subwoofer, even one of the best available. For example with Ralf Gauck’s 'Little Wing' – the bass standing rock-solid in the room, every bass note fully natural, as if someone has extended the lower frequencies of the main speakers. World class!"