Music 5 - Sound + Image

In a double review, Australian Sound + Image goes full circle with the Dynaudio Music family by testing the Music 1 and Music 5. Below, you can find our favourite quotes related to the Music 5 - and a link to a similar article focused on the Music 1.

- "It impressed with movie soundtrack depth, the lower decks of the ship in Alien Covenant have some impressive throbbing going on, and the Music 5 served it all with remarkable bass content, while again keeping clarity for dialogue."
- "Switching back to the Music EQ setting, we were equally taken with the wide-ranging musical delivery, with 5 × 50W driving twin tweeters and midrange plus a single woofer."
- "Dynaudio’s strengths in drivers and voicing can really be appreciated here."
- "With Tidal supplying the music, they do indeed provide the intelligent streaming audio systems the company promises.